Succulents, or also known as fat plants, have thicker and fleshier parts to contain water. There are various types of known succulent plants with diverging shapes and colors which have found their way not only to our homes, but also to our joyous occasions, bringing in a natural feel. Succulents have been gaining popularity recently; more and more brides have incorporated them into their weddings. How could they not, though? There are plenty advantages of using succulents. Aside from their beautiful shapes and colors, they hold up well without water for a long time. Their versatility also enables them to fit nicely in formal or casual affairs, in pastel or bold colors, even in tropical arrangements.


Everyone knows what a cactus is, but they probably don’t know a lot about the history of a cactus and all the information as to the meaning of it. The word cactus was actually derived from the Greek word “Kaktos” and this word applied to a plant that they had which had spiny thistles on it. But, the cactus is also known by few other names, some people call it the “Mother-in-law’s Cushion” and you can imagine where that came from. A cactus actually symbolizes endurance as it is a plant that can really stand up to the test of time and the elements.